Yellowstone John Dutton’s Real Wife

Now if you’re as big a fan as we are of Paramount’s Yellowstone and especially of the widowed patriarch John Dutton then we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, who is Kevin Costner actually married to?

Well we delved into our archives and found some footage of Kevin Costner holding hands with his wife, who is called Christine Baumgartner. According to she is a model and handbag designer (her range goes under the name “Cat Bag Couture”) and now the step-mom to Kevin’s four children who he had with his first wife, Cindy Silva. KEvin and Christine then have their own three children, totalling seven kids for Kevin! Looks like he has his own real-life ranch hands!

In this footage, Kevin Costner can be seen arriving at a premiere in westwood, Los Angeles holding hands with Christine Baumgartner before going on to sign autographs for fans. In fact, we actually had to turn down the screams from the fans as they were going so berserk!

We do love Kevin Costner’s goatee, handlebar moustache, blonde and red hair, black shrrt and white trouser combo and cool wayfarer shades.

Yellowstone was originally made by Bosque Ranch Productions, Treehouse Films and 101 Studio but for the fourth season was made by MTV Entertainment Studios which is why you see their Dire Straits jingle and logo at the start.

Music provided by the YouTube Studio: "Let's Do This!" by Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum

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