French Braid Wrap Around 2

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Hey Guys,
We had so much fun last week remaking our older tutorial the “French Braid Rope Twist combo”! This week we decided to do another one, we chose the “French Braid Wrap”! This style works perfectly when we need to put all four feet of Graycie’s hair up, and still want it to look stylish! Of course, you don’t need anything more than mid-length hair to try it for yourself! Great for school, church, or parties, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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“French Braid Rope Twist Combo updated ”

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This takes on average about 8-10 minutes depending on the length and texture of hair as well as skill level.

Items Needed:
Elastic Band
Bobby pins

Water Spray Bottle
Hairspray/ Gel
Hair Accessories

Here’s our favorite brush we use all the time: Olivia Garden Finger Brush Scalp-Hugging & Vented Paddle Hair Brush

We get these questions about our water bottle all the time:
What brand is that?
How does it work?
Where can I get one?

It's a fine mist that continuously sprays out soft on the hair.
It’s my favorite spray bottle! 😍

It’s called the:
Flairosol Spray Water Bottle

You can get it here:

Let us know what you think if you get one😉


Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner:
⬆️ Highly Recommend ⬆️



Moroccan oil: ⬅️ Great Product!!!

Click here for the hair padding:

If you’re looking to buy a Topsytail, here is the link:

Here’s the Spray Gel we use:

It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Styling Mousse, 9 fl. oz:

It's A 10 Miracle Finishing S