Matcha Talk | Sharing something I've never shared before... | Sanne Vloet

Matcha Talk | Sharing something I've never shared before... | Sanne Vloet

Hi Friends,

I feel like we haven't talked in a little while and I have so much to tell you guys! But first, how are you doing? I feel everyone is coming back from summer and starting school or work again. Excited or nah?

Last week my brother was here visting and we had such a great time. We've been talking about getting a matching tattoo for a while now but I haven't been able to find a tattoo artist that make the really thin lines that I wanted. Luckily I found Sasha (tagged in the video) and she managed to fit us in her schedule and it turned out so beautiful. This is something which has been very meaningful to me and in the video I will explain with you why.

I feel I over the past years I have shared so many personal moments from my life with you, like my burn out, my period loss in the past , but also beautiful moments like my engagement. I feel we have created a safe place here to share and connect.

Whatever I'm feeling, thoughts I have, or things I am dealing with I always know some of you out there are going trough the same thing. You don't get to see my brother often in the videos because I always felt I wanted to protect him as a big sister. But guess what, little brothers grow up to!

I hope you enjoyed todays Matcha Talk video and I will try to respond to all your comments in the comment section down below!



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